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About the Governmental Advisory Council (GAC)

What's the GAC?

The OWF Governmental Advisory Council (GAC) represents the voice of governments and intergovernmental organizations in the OWF structure and advises the Governing Board on various public policy issues that impact the future of digital wallets’ development and regulation. 

The GAC catalyses an internationally aligned ecosystem that offers trusted, open, and inclusive tools for a safe and sound global economy. 

Who can participate in the GAC? 

  • Government and other public authorities representatives. 
  • Intergovernmental Organization representatives. 

What’s the GAC’s role? 

The GAC role includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Enable a constructive dialogue with the OWF private sector members and explore ways to better bridge the private sector’s innovation with the expectations and requirements of the governments. 
  2. Advise the OWF Governing Board on various public policy issues related to digital wallets.
  3. Operate as a forum for discussing government and other public policy interests and concerns.
  4. Facilitate information-sharing and lessons learned from the various jurisdictions among the participants. 

The GAC is designed on best practices and standarised governance models to ensure impartiality and a balanced representation of views, improving broader geographic and development diversity representation. 

Read the OpenWallet Foundation GAC Operating Procedures

Why join the GAC? 

The benefits for governments and intergovernmental organizations to participate in the GAC is the ability to:

  • Continue shaping the innovation and future of the digital economy at the national and global levels.
  • Be part of the response to the complexities surrounding the increasing demand for digital wallets in multiple industries and sectors (e.g., digital currency, health or academic credentials, payment, and travel, among others). 
  • Discuss and address critical public policy issues driving digital wallets’ development, adoption, and regulation. 
  • Shape the outcomes and significantly impact the broader community in an open and constructive dialogue with the key industry stakeholders.  
  • Contribute early in policy and technical development processes, enabling innovation consistent with regulation and public interest. 
  • Access to relevant subject matter experts within the GAC and across OWF.

Are you interested in learning more?

If you want to learn more about the GAC; how it operates, and the process of how to join the Council, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the GAC Secretariat at