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OpenWallet Foundation: Our First Anniversary and What’s Next

The OpenWallet Foundation would like to thank the community, contributors, maintainers, Technical Advisory Committee members, Sponsors and SIGs participants for joining staff in celebrating our first anniversary. 

Over the course of the event we had the chance to share:

  • 0-62 members
  • 0-12 countries plus AAMVA and World Bank
  • 0-12 Code projects
  • 0-4 Special Interest Groups + 1 Task Force
  • Our vision for the OpenWallet Stack

We have a lot of exciting developments to share with you and hope to meet many of you in person at conferences that will feature OpenWallet before the summer: OSSNA in Seattle, Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, Identiverse in Las Vegas, Money20/20 in Las Vegas and European Identity and Cloud Conference in Berlin. 

Thank you!

– Daniel, Brian, Tracy

Links from the First Anniversary Zoom

Video from the First Anniversary Zoom:


Slides from the First Anniversary Zoom (PDF):







Mailing Lists:


Special Interest Groups

Architecture SIG



Safe Wallet SIG

Safe Wallet Guide:


Safe Wallet Scoring Template


Credential Format Comparison SIG



Digital Wallets and Agents SIG



Quarterly Update to TSC


OIDC4VC Due Diligence